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Jason Gilliland

Urban Development Program, Department of Geography, Health Sciences and Paediatrics at the University of Western Ontario
Director and Full Professor

Dr. Gilliland is an award-winning teacher and researcher who is known internationally for his research on urban planning and public health issues. Dr. Gilliland believes that by gaining a better understanding of how environmental characteristics influence population health and well-being, we can better inform public policymakers and city planners of how to make effective changes to public policy and neighbourhood design to promote the health and quality of life of vulnerable populations. As part of their training, Dr. Gilliland insists that his graduate students regularly engage with him in knowledge exchange activities with key policymakers, decision-makers, and stakeholder groups; and many of his former students have moved on to full-time employment with public health units, municipal departments (planning, urban design, neighbourhood services), private planning consultants, health research agencies, and universities. Dr. Gilliland is also deeply committed to building links between the University and the community at large, and regularly applies his knowledge and expertise while serving on numerous boards and committees of governmental and non-profit organizations in Canada. In 2010 he won an ‘Angel Award’ for his ongoing community service in the Old East Village of London.